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Full Audiological Assessment

Firstly, we take a detailed medical history and discuss how communication difficulties are affecting your lifestyle. A full examination ear is then carried out to establish if there is any abnormality in the outer ear or on the ear drum.

The hearing assessment starts with a full Pure Tone Audiogram, both hearing by air conduction, using ear tips, and by bone conduction, using a bone vibrator placed behind the ear. The audiologist will ask you to respond when you hear tones at different frequencies. Each ear is tested separately. The results are then plotted on a chart called an audiogram.

Further testing using speech and speech in noise are also done to establish your ability to discriminate words both in quiet and in background noise. Next the audiologist will carry out tympanometry, by placing in your ear canal a small probe which seals the canal, and gently alters the pressure in the canal to measure the mobility of your ear drum and the little bones in the middle ear. This is a painless procedure and very useful in diagnosis of the nature of the hearing loss.

We will explain your audiogram and all the other results thoroughly and discuss how it affects your listening skills and hearing ability in various sound environments. If hearing instruments are recommended, we can tailor a prescription to suit your hearing loss, lifestyle and budget, and sometimes we can demonstrate the improvement that can be expected using an actual hearing instrument, and discuss how you will be able to use it.