Full Audiological Assessment

At Oxford Hearing Centre, we offer thorough Full Audiological Assessments designed to meet your unique hearing needs. We take the time to understand your specific circumstances and tailor the examination accordingly. We utilise advanced testing methods to assess your hearing capabilities and possible abnormalities, ensuring comprehensive coverage of your hearing health. Let us guide you through the process, from understanding your hearing profile to personalising potential hearing solutions. Embark on your journey to improved auditory health with Oxford Hearing Centre’s Full Audiological Assessments.

Image of a man taking a full audiological assessment at the Oxford Hearing Centre

Audiological Assessments

What to Expect

At Oxford Hearing Centre, your Full Audiological Assessment is designed to be thorough and individualised. Our process begins with a comprehensive review of your lifestyle, communication difficulties, and auditory concerns. We utilise top-tier audiology technology to perform an extensive analysis of your hearing. Every step of the way, we prioritise your understanding and comfort, clearly explaining the procedures and their outcomes. Post-examination, we take the time to interpret your hearing profile and, if necessary, explore potential hearing solutions tailored specifically to your needs.

Image of a woman undertaking an audiological assessment test at the Oxford Hearing Centre

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a full audiological assessment take at Oxford Hearing Centre?

The full hearing assessment takes between 60 to 90 minutes.

Is it possible to have someone accompany me during my full audiological assessment?

It is very useful to have someone else with you for the assessment, as it helps to have a second person remembering any complex information.

What is involved in a full audiological assessment at Oxford Hearing Centre?

During the assessment we will take a history about your hearing loss and other relevant issues. We will examine your ears with a camera and carry out a pure tone audiogram, speech discrimination tests and a test for hearing speech in noise. Also we check to see how well your eardrum moves. We will explain all the results and what they mean, and discuss what, if anything, needs to be done for the future.

How will I understand the results of my audiological assessment?

After completing the series of tests involved in your audiological assessment, we will sit down with you to discuss the findings in detail. We will explain each result and its significance in understandable terms, ensuring you are well-informed about your hearing health. 

If my audiological assessment indicates hearing loss, what are the next steps?

If any action is needed for the future, we will discuss those recommendations with you at this time.

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