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Hearing Protection
and Conservation

At Oxford Hearing Centre we strongly believe in the old adage 'Prevention is better than cure' so we place a lot of emphasis and resource into sourcing and providing a wide range of noise protection and hearing enhancement products to help you enjoy your natural hearing to the best of it's ability.

Below is a small sample of just some of the things we can do, if you have any questions or specific requirements either give us a call on 01865 861861 or drop us an email at [email protected]

When should I wear hearing protection?

If you are exposed to excessively noisy environments (80 dB or more), you should wear hearing protection. You should also wear them when you are using power tools, noisy garden equipment, or firearms. The table below shows how easy it is to exceed maximum exposure levels.

Level of noise in dB(A) Maximum daily exposure time
85 8 hours
91> 2 hours
97 30 minutes
103 7 minutes

Being exposed to noise can also cause fatigue and irritability. Some noise level examples (estimates)

Noise Level Unprotected Protected
60dB Speech Unlimited Unlimited
70dB Office Unlimited Unlimited
85dB Busy traffic 8 hours Unlimited
91dB Pub 2 hours 64 hours
100dB Factory 15 minutes 8 hours
106dB Nightclub 4 minutes 2 hours
115dB Jackhammer 30 seconds 15 minutes
140dB Gunshot none 1.5 minutes