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Hearing Instrument Repair

All hearing instruments are dispensed with a minimum TWO year manufacturer's warranty. Certain hearing systems are dispensed with a FIVE YEAR Warranty. All are part of comprehensive hearing healthcare programme and aftercare Service Plan. This includes four to six monthly service appointments and a full inspection of your hearing instrument and settings. Our aim is to ensure you are hearing well and your instruments are performing at their best. All our hearing instruments include a warranty, therefore if you are still within the warranty period and have a problem, please come and see us - it is unlikely to cost you anything.

We are able to carry out many repairs at the practice, and if possible this saves time and money. However we work with all of the leading hearing instrument manufacturers, and should your hearing instrument require a substantial repair and is not within the warranty period, we will be able to consult with the manufacturers on your behalf to resolve the problem and get a quote for the potential cost.