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GN Resound

ReSound are a leading hearing aid manufacturer. Their Smart Hearing aids combine the best available sound quality with new capabilities for people to connect and interact with the world around them.

Oxford Hearing Centre has a long established relationship with ReSound. We are a ReSound Regional Centre for Clinical Audiology and Technical Innovation. This means we offer the highest level of expertise in prescribing and programming ReSound products.

Please read on for more information about ReSound’s latest hearing systems.

Embrace effortless hearing with ReSound LiNX2 TM

ReSound LiNX2 TM is the latest Smart Hearing™ aid from ReSound. Its advanced hearing technology has been developed to replicate the way sound is processed by the natural ear to give you the experience of natural hearing.

The top rated sound quality and listening comfort in ReSound LiNX2 TM help you to follow every word of the conversation effortlessly. Even when the noise levels get high, you’ll be able to join in the discussion confidently and comfortably.

Great natural sound and effortless hearing aren’t the only benefits of ReSound LiNX2 TM hearing aids. They also offer some pretty special and unique options to anyone wishing to connect their hearing aids directly with the other audio devices in their lives.

You can stream phone calls, music or audio from your phone, TV or computer directly to your ears. You can even control them from your wrist using an Apple watch.

All of this in a robust design, so small you won’t notice you are wearing it.

Expand your hearing experience with ReSound wireless connectivity

Imagine talking with confidence in a noisy restaurant, on the phone or even in the car. Or watching TV with family at a volume that’s comfortable for everyone. With ReSound Wireless Connectivity, your hearing aids work like wireless stereo headphones - and you can simply hear more and personalise your sound, no matter where you are.

ReSound Micro Mic

Focus on the sounds you want to hear, even in a noisy place, and extend your hearing by up to 25 metres in a clear line of sight.

ReSound Multi Mic

Get all the benefits of the Micro Mic, and use it as a table microphone too. Connect with loop and FM systems*, and use the mini-jack input for streaming audio to your hearing aids.

*FM receiver required

ReSound Unite Phone Clip+

Make crystal-clear phone calls, mute background noise while you talk, or stream music, podcasts or any audio from your phone.

ReSound Unite Remote Control 2

Adjust the volume or mute your hearing aids, switch programmes, and see all your settings at a glance.

ReSound Unite TV Streamer 2

Stream stereo sound from your TV, computer, or music system.

ReSound Smart app and ReSound Control app

Personalise and control your hearing aid settings from your iPhone or smartphone.

ReSound hearing aids and wireless accessories are available at Oxford Hearing Centre. To find out more please get in touch by calling 01865 861861.